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Welcome to our world: Cute Kawaii Art. We are two cheeky cats called Tipsy & Tapsy. Our first Collection is now available online.


We are normally on Instagram, however we have especially dolled up for this beautiful Shop.

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Latest additions to the Cute Kawaii Art Collection, check it out.
About Cute Kawaii Art

Hello, We are Cute Kawaii Art. With love for Cats, Japanese Art and more.

Inspired by the Japanese illustration art represented in modern Pop Culture and now known under the terms of anime, manga and chibi, and paired with the love and fascination for cats - both big and small, the two cheeky character cats Tipsy & Tapsy were born. Originally created as digital art presented and posted on Instagram under the account name CuteKawaii.Art, the characters have now been dolled up for a new chapter of their adventure: their own online webshop collection.

Kawaii fashion, anime art and chibi characters have long found their way into the mainstream and have actually become cool fashion items and fashion accessories for everyday use. In the West their original use group has been children and kids, but with the popular rise of more Korean, Japanese and Chinese inspired pop culture and art, many in the West have also discovered kawaii fashion and anime-inspired designs as part of their outfits. And this is who and what Cute Kawaii Art is for - it's for us grown-ups who nonetheless have never grown up; who love displaying cute things in a cool fashion style and who love to smile and brighten up our everyday life full of challenges. Welcome to the World of Cute Kawaii Art

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Tote Bags, Shopping Bags, eco tote bags

Get your re-useable bag today. Not only are these bags perfect as a shopping bag or to store away everyday things like your laptop, book or cosmetics but they come with cute stand-out designs. Go eco-conscious: We now also offer Eco Tote Bags with certified organic cotton.

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Stationery, Journals, Notebooks, Stickers

Make a statement with your journal, your notebook or your diary. Graced with cute kawaii cats and other chibi characters your special drawing and illustration book will surely stand out. Or use stickers to decorate everyday items like laptops, water bottles and more.

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