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   Fashion and Art created by an independent artist

This store features a variety of both fashion designs and artwork created by me - the store owner: Ricarda. Please take a look around. You will find T-Shirt designs, Cute Kawaii Characters and now new: signed Fine Art Prints. Please enjoy your stay.


Welcome to to my T-Shirt Shop. I am an artist and love to create designs that are not your average high street fashion but something special, sassy, cool and at times kawaii. Please pick your favourite topic and enjoy your browse.

SUMI-E Japanese ink Painting inspired Artwork - signed Fine Art Prints

Take a look at the available artwork inspired by Sumi-e Japanese Ink Paintings and available as special high-quality long-lasting fine art prints of the original. Each fine art print comes signed by myself, the artist.

The Wu Wei Designs T-Shirt Collection

More than your average High Street Fashion. Browse through a variety of specifically created T-Shirt designs with motives encompassing Travel, Landmarks, Cities, the Zodiac, Mystical Designs, the Dragon, Snake and all 12 Chinese Annimal Signs, with fun, catchy and sassy slogans - something for everyone. Please enjoy your browse through the collections.

Inspired by the Love to travel

Looking forward to your next holiday? Like to tell the world about your favourite city? Wearing a souvenir t-shirt reminiscing about a beautiful trip done? Regardless of the reason, the new travel collection has something for everyone: Beautiful cityscapes in golden line art, modern illustration showing the famous cities skyline or a new design full of landmarks.

Inspired by Japan

I love the clean designs and minimalistic art of Japan but at the same time also love woodblock art and modern pop culture with its anime and chibi style illustrations and manga art. This special collection is inspired by the variety of styles and designs Japan, Japanese artists and modern pop culture brings us.

Animals of the World art

Inspired by the beauty surrounding us: Digital art created with animals, birds and dinosaurs as focus. If you like watercolor birds, paleo art or wild animals in action, animal illustrations, dinosaurs or other animal art- check out the latest collections of Animals of the World Art.

Cute Kawaii Art

Cute Kawaii Art amongst others features two cheeky cats are called Tipsy & Tapsy. Visit their adventures on Instagram at CuteKawaii.Art - The design is inspired by chibi illustrations and anime from Japan. If you like cats, if you love illustrations, if you are into chibis or anime or other Japanese art styles, you have come to the perfect place. Enjoy these two ladies, their friends and their various adventures.

Thank you

With your visit and possibly even purchase on this shop you are supporting an independent artist. I very much appreciate your visit to this website. I am doing my best to create products that match the highest in quality while working on creative and stand-out designs. I do hope you find what you like and that what I have to offer is matching your expectations. Once again Thank You for your support.